Created by the Council of British Columbia Yacht Clubs in 1990, B.C. Marine Parks Forever Society helps the Province of British Columbia create new marine parks and enhance existing parks. The parks are for everyone; including beachcombers, kayakers, campers and provide safe anchorage from small up to large pleasure craft.

B.C. Marine Parks Forever Society focuses its efforts on the following projects:

  • Raising funds to help add new BC Marine Parks
  • Adding tie-backs and mooring buoys, thus protecting the environment.
  • Assisting BC Parks in choosing and protecting a list of potential BC Boat Havens
  • Monitoring water lot use applications. For example, the Squirrel Cove development.
  • Speaking to interested groups and offering digital media presentations to educate the boating community.
President: George Creek, President MPFS
400 Newcastle Avenue, Nanaimo BC V9S 4J1
Canada (250) 722-7245