We could never bring ourselves to sell the land as we could not bear to have someone parse the land out and ruin the beauty. It would be too much for our children to undertake when we pass, as the Canadian taxes would be unaffordable. We [decided to donate the island because] just wanted to keep the island as it is and not burden our family at the time of our death.

There is NO way we could have done this without the help of the American Friends team.  We broke even on the costs through tax deductions and we now know that the island will be there for generations to come in all its original beauty.

We have been to Canada since the transaction and gone to the property to visit, taking a picnic lunch and enjoying the natural beauty of the island.  It is heartwarming to know that it will be in its current state for generations to come.

People don’t understand that American transactions cannot exist without American Friends and the expertise the organization brings to the process. Our land trust could not have successfully completed the transaction without American Friends. We would not be able to complete the next transaction without American Friends.  We simply do not have the depth of knowledge.

I’d like to thank all of you at American Friends for your guidance and help in this whole process.  It has been an exercise in perseverance and tenacity for all concerned, and I truly appreciate your contributions.  It has been privilege to be part of such a great team.

It was not an easy decision for my brothers and myself to part with a piece of land that has given us so much pleasure and so many memories over the course of our lives.  But none of us has any question that the [transaction with American Friends that resulted in the] creation of the regional park is the best possible outcome, for ourselves as well as for the public. I am very happy that not only my children and grandchildren, but many others, will be able to enjoy the tide pools and forests that enchanted me in my own youth.

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