American Friends of Canadian Conservation facilitates the conservation of Canadian lands with high ecological and scenic value that are owned by US taxpayers (who may be any nationality).  We accomplish this mission through close cooperation with capable Canadian land trusts and government entities located near the protected properties. These partnerships are central to American Friends of Canadian Conservation work. Accordingly, all projects involve a qualified partner, referred to as a Grantee (see Our Grantees).

We rely on our Grantees to identify significant conservation properties owned by charitably-motivated Americans. The Grantee takes primary responsibility for: structuring and completing the donation transaction, funding stewardship expenses, land management or easement monitoring and defense after American Friends of Canadian Conservation accepts the donated property.

Land and easement gifts are made to American Friends of Canadian Conservation. In order for the gift to be tax deductible, there cannot be any commitment to transfer the land or interest to another entity. However, in the future, American Friends of Canadian Conservation hopes to grant properties to appropriate local, provincial and federal entities for permanent stewardship.

Even under ideal circumstances, conservation transactions designed to be tax deductible and/or part of an estate plan can be complicated to execute. American Friends of Canadian Conservation and its partners and advisors work in a two-country context that makes its projects even more complex. Participants should anticipate a process that requires a minimum of six to eight months to complete.

For an introduction to the land or easement donation process, please refer to the overview of the Conservation Lands Program.