American Friends of Canadian Conservation’s name describes the organization’s mission.  We exist to help our conservation colleagues achieve their objectives by increasing the level of funding available for land conservation and by partnering to complete donations of ecologically significant land and easements from US-based landowners who wish to avail themselves of US tax benefits while ensuring that their contribution of appreciated property is not subject to Canadian capital gains tax. Read our Overview for Conservation Organizations to learn how our partnerships work and how Canadian entities benefit.

Accomplishing our mission through these activities requires American Friends of Canadian Conservation to comply with laws, statutes and tax regulations in both countries. Some of the best legal minds and most experienced conservation professionals worked for more than a decade to establish the system, policies and procedures that make American Friends’ partnerships and successes possible, now and in the future.

In order to comply with the letter and intent of all rules, American Friends of Canadian Conservation must evaluate any organization or government entity to which it provides funding, land or interests in land.  Approved land trusts are referred to as “Grantees”. Grantees must maintain their qualifications and renew their status each year to partner with American Friends on cash or property donations.

Grantees can opt to be eligible for financial support (through the General Support Program), gifts of land and conservation easements (through the Conservation Lands Program) or both, depending on their needs and the type of American supporters who are involved in the organizations.  Becoming a Grantee is an investment in organizational fundraising capacity, in strategic land conservation and in this unique cross-border collaboration.