The KCC & Its Mission

The Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy, in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, is a private, volunteer-run, non-profit land trust committed to “preserving headlands, beaches, and wetlands of the Kingsburg Peninsula and neighbouring areas, and to safeguarding traditional access to our shorelines”.

The KCC considers it to be critically important to work with life-minded partners to ensure that the natural beauty of our area is preserved.  At a time of global concern with the unrelenting loss of green space and natural areas and the related ecological impact on our lives and the planet, this work is critical for us all.  We further recognize that we reside in a landscape of great historical significance and profound importance to the Mi’kaq and that those values  should be considered in our efforts to protect lands.

To those ends, the KCC seeks to:

  • Preserve, protect, steward, and safeguard accessibility to lands, especially those of ecological significance, in the Greater Kingsburg Peninsula and related, neighbouring areas.
  • Secure strategic properties for conservation and public access, through donations, purchases, and conservation easements.
  • Partner with other like-minded community and conservation organizations; local, regional, and national land trust organizations; and like-minded individuals to encourage sound land use, coastal management, and land preservation.
  • Encourage and support responsible conservation practices at both the Municipal and Provincial levels and, whenever possible, form partnerships with those governmental organizations.

Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy
PO Box 2, Site 1
Rose Bay
Nova Scotia, B0J 2X0