Music for Birds and Bears

Music is what makes Chris Wood tick. The 52-year-old bassist…

Celebrating a Vision Realized on Prince Edward Island

For years, Peter and Molly Eppig and their family left their…
Joel and Ada Farber

Tax Savvy Produces Conservation and a Family Legacy

In 1969, an American couple canoed around the Thousand Islands…

Message from the Executive Director

It has been an amazing few months working as the first Executive…

Promoting Awareness and Best Practices for Clean Water

Blue Massawippi focuses on the preservation of Lake Massawippi…

Canadians and Americans work together to conserve a watershed in Quebec’s Eastern Townships

The border between Canada and the United States may be the world’s…
Cedar Waxwings breed in Canada then migrate to the southern US, or Central America, for the winter.Vancouver Avian Research Centre

Saving Our Songbirds

Birds herald the spring with their songs, protect our crops from pests, and astound us with their beauty and versatility. The Vancouver Avian Research Centre is working to guarantee the future of these remarkable creatures. The annual north/south migrations of many bird species connect Canada and the US.  Canadians, referred to as “snowbirds,” arrive each autumn in their southern US habitats and return home in the spring.

Protecting Our Parks in British Columbia: A Happy Convergence

It is a huge challenge to manage and protect 644 provincial parks, four of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites,  24 others are UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. The BC Parks Foundation is there to help! Canada’s westernmost province is promoted as Super, Natural British Columbia for its reputation as a destination where visitors can  renew themselves through interactions with nature.

Gathering Of People | Mabou Highlands

Fiddles and bagpipes call people from around the world to the town of Mabou, on Cape Breton Island, at the northern end of Nova Scotia. They are the sounds of the Ceilidh tradition, celebrating Celtic culture brought by 19th-century immigrants. The Gaelic word translates to “Gathering of People.” In 2019, a Gathering of People celebrated the protection of 2000 acres on the wild coast of the Mabou Highlands and a new tradition of conservation, let by 20th-century settlers from the United States, and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.