Gray Merriam

Congratulations to the First Place Winner of the Wildlife Category, Gray Merriam.

Congratulations to First Place Winner of the Wildlife Category, Gray Merriam, for his photo titled Artic Fox Hunting Sticklebacks on Hudson Bay Shore. The photograph was taken in Wapusk National Park, MB. This summer, with the Canada/USA border…

Congratulations to First Place Winner of the Plants, Trees and Flowers Category, Frank Loomer.

Congratulations to First Place Winner of the Plants, Trees and Flowers Category, Frank Loomer, for his photo titled Lakeside Irises. The photograph was taken at Carpenter Lake in Rothesay, NB. This summer, with the Canada/USA border closed…

Congratulations to First Place Winner, David K. Cairns, Tradition Category

Congratulations to First Place Winner of the Tradition Category, David K. Cairns, for his photo titled A Range Light Stands Guard. The photograph was taken in Bellevue Cove, Prince Edward Island. This summer, with the Canada/USA border closed…

Congratulations to Denise Burns, Grand Prize Winner of the “Oh, Canada” Photo Contest

This summer, with the Canada/USA border closed and travel within Canada restricted, many of us were missing people and places that we love. So American Friends of Canadian Conservation invited you to share your favorite Canadian locations in the Oh, Canada Photo Contest. We received over 500 photographs from Canadian and American entrants. Well-known professional photographer and teacher John D’Onofrio selected the Grand Prize Winner and four Runners Up. John is the owner/editor/publisher of Adventures NW Magazine and his work has been featured in many publications and exhibits. “There were lots of good compositions” said John. His technical criteria for selecting the winners were “…good capture, sharp focus, unflawed images.” If a photograph was digitally modified, John evaluated whether it had been “…manipulated well.” John praised Grand Prize Winner Denise Burn's photo for its technical and artistic caliber. In keeping with the theme of the contest, John was also seeking “..uniquely Canadian images that conveyed ambiance of place.”
Sandra Tassel

Oh Canada 2020 Photo Contest

If you are passionate about Canada’s natural and cultural heritage, join your friends, family and neighbors for a virtual holiday by enjoying and sharing your own photographic memories, and seeing everyone else’s favorite corner of Canada. Give it your best shot! Inspire others with your images of Canada’s nature, offer a peek into your ideal vacation day, give your community a visual high-five for its special event, demonstrate your camera skills!  

Canadian Conservation is Our Business – and Our Name

Recently, American Friends’ board decided the organization needed a new name to better reflect the full range of current and potential partnerships. They chose American Friends of Canadian Conservation to express the full spectrum of possible collaborations and the extent of the impact we hope to have within the Canadian conservation community.

Conservation without Borders – A new initiative in British Columbia

BC land trusts working in some of the province’s most ecologically-significant and scenic landscapes recognize that US taxpayers own high priority conservation properties. In response, the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia and American Friends of Canadian Conservation (American Friends) launched the Conservation without Borders program.

American Friends’ Leaders Lauded in Ontario

Three individuals who have shaped cross-border conservation were recognized with awards by the Ontario Land Trust Alliance (OLTA). Current director Allyn Abbott and long-serving former director Christopher Baines were honored with the Angus McLeod Vision Award for volunteer service. Sandra Tassel, a former director and officer, who now serves as American Friends’ Program Coordinator, received the OLTA Vision Award for a land trust professional.

Canadian-American Cross-Border Conservation Success

Drache Aptowitzer LLP, recognized as one of Canada’s foremost experts in the law related to charities and non-profit organizations, recently published a story about a conservation donation in Georgian Bay, Ontario. The Georgian Bay Land Trust (GBLT) had an opportunity to protect an undeveloped island featuring undisturbed stands of White Pine and Red Oak, open rock barrens and coastal meadow marsh, ideal habitat for rare species.

Conservation on Prince Edward Island, Island Nature Trust

American Friends' newest partnership, with Island Nature Trust (INT), can contribute to national success on both fronts by helping to increase protected lands in the province of Prince Edward Island (PEI).