Ecology Action Centre (EAC)

The Ecology Action Centre is a member-based environmental charity in Nova Scotia. Since 1971, we’ve taken leadership on critical environmental issues from biodiversity protection to climate change to environmental justice.

The Ecology Action Centre’s mission is to support our community through advocacy for responsible and sustainable environmental practices. Our expertise provides change-makers with the knowledge to make environmentally conscious decisions to protect the people and places they preside over

Vision: A just and vibrant world of respect, belonging and ecological resilience.

Mission: The Ecology Action Centre acts as watchdog, convener, mobilizer and incubator. We engage community to create systemic change in the face of urgent, complex environmental issues.

Values: We are creative, resilient, fierce and caring. We value relationships. We act with integrity.

Ecology Action Centre
2705 Fern Land
Halifax, NS B3K 4L3

Relationship Development Officer:
Madelaine McGarr,