Blue Massawippi is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and improving the health of the ecosystems of Lake Massawippi and its watershed.

Blue Massawippi works closely with its various partners to ensure constant monitoring of conditions threatening water quality and to make users, municipalities and government authorities aware of exemplary practices, based on sound scientific data.

Building on its capacity to mobilize citizens, its credibility with regulatory agencies and the support of its partners, Blue Massawippi builds programs for the protection and conservation of Lake Massawippi, with the objective of making a direct, sustainable contribution to the quality of life of both users and communities around the lake.

To this end, Blue Massawippi is currently working on:

  • Shoreline restoration
  • Weed control
  • Watershed erosion control
  • Fight against zebra mussels
  • Wetland’s restoration
  • Blue patrol (intelligent boating)
  • Education and information
President: Denis Petitclerc,
General Manager: Laurence Renaud-Langevin,
PO Box 2703, North Hatley J0B 2C0