Dear Friend of Nature,

This publication was created by people who are passionate about protecting Canada’s irreplaceable wild places. Our goal is to help U.S. taxpayers who own property here and who share our love for Canada’s natural heritage.

We hope that the practical tax information inside the handbook will inspire you to join our efforts to preserve these special places, so that future generations from both countries can enjoy them as we have.

Ontario Land Alliance, a Canadian charity and American Friends of Canadian Conservation, a U.S. charity, formed a partnership to ensure that U.S. taxpayers who want to conserve their undeveloped Canadian properties, or donate to protect wild places in Canada, have the knowledge to do so. Our goal is to inform you about the options available to you so you can incorporate conservation into planning for the future of your land in Canada. There are opportunities with which you and your advisors may not be familiar. Our scenario examples are all from Ontario but the handbook considers the federal tax implications for any U.S. taxpayer, who owns Canadian land, who is non-resident.

We hope that the information in the publication will help you find a practical path to follow to decide on the ideal circumstances for your property. We encourage you to consult your financial advisor, and to get in touch with your local land trust.

Thank you for joining us in the work of protecting land, water, and wildlife in Canada for now, and forever.